Signal Jammer 2G 3G 4G 5G PHS cellphone Isolator Wifi Signal Blocker

₹ 27500


        I.            Highly efficient triple fans with a low noise make the device in a good cooling and continuous work (With 10 Antenna)

      II.            It can provide 24/7jamming even in a constant cooling system.

    III.            Stable capability, cost-effective choice

    IV.            Ten channels with different frequency range

Multi frequency wireless signal can effectively shield the application. Only for the downlink signal shielding, no interference of construction work, leave mobile phone shielding range automatically return to work, the green environmental protection, no influence on human security.

This product can be widely used in the conference room, room, hall, court, cinema, library, gas station, gas station, Oil depot, government, prison, police command centre and other places where using mobile phones is prohibited.

Signal Block Range: 50m in Covered area (Still depends on the strength signal in given area)
Product Weight:        1.7kg
Product Dimension: 32x13x5 cm without antenna

Installation and use instructions:

1. Antenna according to the marks is respectively screwed into the antenna base corresponding, otherwise invalid.

2. Hang the isolator to the wall or the corresponding position, general hanging in place on both sides of the wall, also can be directly placed on the table; the optimal placement height is 1.8-2 meters.

3. Connect the power adapter and a power line, the power line plug, socket, and turn on the power switch, equipment working indicator lights up. In four, the matters needing attention

4. Must be in accordance with the correct method of antenna is installed, can be connected to the host power supply, otherwise it will damage the equipment.

5. Do not open the host shell or unauthorized repair equipment. The effective coverage 3, the device is a circular area with shielding device as the centre, please use the attention to the selection of the correct position, to achieve the best effect of shielding, avoid shielding angle.

6. When the equipment works, shall not be stacked debris or remove the antenna on top, the antenna and the host is supporting the use of factory, height one corresponding adjustment, to ensure that the shielding effect, must be in accordance with the corresponding identification installation.

Five, common problems

1, when the equipment works, why some mobile phone still has a signal?

Answer: This is an illusion, the mobile phone has been unable to communicate, only to show lag, then optionally according to allocated key will be found, the signal has disappeared.

2, isolator interferes with other electronic devices work properly?

Answer: No, the electromagnetic signal of mobile phone signal shielding device sends falls completely in the state of working frequency band, will only result in blocking on the mobile communication signal, and the signal is in the state of relative rest, will not affect the other electronic equipment.

3, shielding device working on the human body and the mobile phone is whether harmful?

Answer: please set your heart at rest, the electromagnetic signal intensity of wireless signal jammers emission is very weak, the test data shows that, in line with environmental standards, far will not have any impact, on the human body at the same time, only the mobile phone signal shielding prior to the cause, so that cannot establish contact with mobile phone base stations, will not have any influence on the mobile phone.

4, shielding device in the indoor and outdoor use range is different?

Answer: there are differences. The use of both in indoor and outdoor, the effective distance the equipment have a certain relationship with the electromagnetic environment at that time and the surrounding environment, such as the base station distance.

5, the isolators on GSM and CDMA mobile phone affect the same?

Answer: because the CDMA mobile phone anti-interference ability is better than that of GSM mobile phone, but the difference was not significant, about 2-4 meters, so in particular important occasions, can increase the quantity of the shielding effect of shielding device, security

CDMA: 865-880MHZ 35dBm

DCS: 1805-1880MHZ 33dBm

GSM: 925-960MHZ 34dBm

PHS/TDSCDMA(A): 1880-1920MHZ 33dBm

CDMA2000: 2110-2125MHZ 32dBm

WCDMA: 2130-2170MHZ 32dBm

WLAN/WIFI/25: 2.4-2.4835GHZ 30dBm

TDSCDMA(F): 2010-2025MHZ 33dBm

4G-1: 2600-2700MHZ 33dBm

4G-2: 2300-2395MHZ 33dBm

5G-1: 5700-5900MHZ 33dBm

5G-2: 4900-5900MHZ 33dBm

Shielding time: 20 seconds

Power Supply: AC100V-240V ~ 2.0A 

Output Power: 5V = 18A

Operating Temperature: -10 to -55?

Atmospheric Pressure: 86-106kPa

Signal Block Range: 10-250?

Product Weight: 1.7kg

Gross Weight:  2.6kg

Product Dimension: 32x13x5 cm without antenna

Package Dimension: 37x32x9 cm

Antenna Length: 21cm

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