2G 3G 4G Mobile Triple Band Repeater Phone Signal Boosters with Antenna Cable

₹ 11999

  • Blind spot signal amplification for various indoor places such as conference halls, hotels, and large buildings.
  • Expand the signal coverage area of the base station.
  • Improve the coverage of transmitting and receiving mobile phone signals.
  • Reduce the radiation of the mobile phone to the human body.
  • Extend the battery life and life of the mobile phone.
  • the installation is light, flexible, can be flexibly configured according to specific occasions.
  • The product is environmentally friendly, small in size and low in cost.
  • full-duplex work, high isolation of up/down. The coverage scheme is economical and reasonable, and the transceiver antenna is highly isolated, and no transceiver interference will occur.
  • The outdoor overflow signal is small and does not interfere with the receiving sensitivity of the base station.
  • Aluminum alloy shell design, beautiful and durable, good performance.

Tips : This repeater is suitable for GSM 900 and GSM/LTE 1800 WCDMA 2100, can boost 2G 3G voice and 4G data.

Installation Guide: 
  • Check and find a place where your cell phone receives best signal outside your house, usually on the roof,balcony or similiar high places, then fix the outdoor antenna there, it is recommended to try different angles of outdoor antenna & set the antenna at the angle which gives best signal strength (PLEASE NOTE:The outdoor antenna should not be higher than the lightning rod on top of the building.) 
  • Fix the repeater device somewhere inside the house, the cell phone signal booster repeater should be fixed in a place which is near from the power socket, and have good ventilation. 
  • Run the cable from the outdoor antenna into the house, and connect the antenna cable connector on the OUTDOOR port of the repeater tightly.
  • Mount the panel antenna at such a place where you want continuous good signals,Tightly connect the 3m cable with indoor panel antenna & other connector to the INDOOR port of the repeater. 
  • Turn on the power of the repeater & it will start working.
Material:ABS Plastic+Metal
Dimension:about 195*180*50mm
[Conversion: 1mm=0.03937 inch, 1inch=25.4 mm]
Network type: 2G/3G/4G
Working System:2G GSM 900mhz 3G WCDMA 2100mhz 4GLTE 1800mhz
Frenquecy Range:
Output power: 20dbm
Power supply: AC:900-265V,50/60Hz DC:12V 2A
RF Connector: N female
Matching Antenna type:N Male
Signal coverage range :about 150 square meters

Package Included:
1 x Mobile Tri Band Repeater
1 x Power Adapter(According to different countries, we will send corresponding adapter.)
1 x Indoor Ceiling Antenna 
1 x Outdoor Antenna
1 x 10M Cable
1 x User manual

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